Some of us are fortunate to snap up our dream home, ready-made, with nothing on the to-do list down the road. But for the rest of us, there may be one or two little tweaks we already have in mind. Maybe the kitchen is perfect except that funny backsplash, or the bathroom is everything you want except for that weird countertop. Having a few things on that “Upgrade Someday” list is pretty normal.

But beware! Once daily life sets in, you may find that your “Upgrade Someday” list becomes an “I Guess It’s Okay” list, and then a “Never Mind” list. Who has time to re-pack parts of their home and live in disarray for a weekend, or a week, while these details are carried out? I mean, if you’ve lived with it for this long already….

Upgrade Now!

If it’s important enough to end up on the “Upgrade Someday” list, it might be important enough to make sure it gets done sooner rather than later. Take “Someday” out of your vocabulary and “Upgrade Now!” Consider pricing the materials to complete your upgrades before you move, or check with a contractor for the slightly-larger jobs. If it’s within your budget, getting these upgrades done before you’ve finished unpacking can put the finishing touches on the perfect home.

photo-015Think your new home could use a little extra shine, but you can’t quite put your finger on what would help?

Consider adding ceiling fans or new lighting fixtures, to really update and overhaul the look of a room for very little money. If the kitchen needs a little something, but you don’t want to invest in anything major, a new backsplash or cabinet handles may be just the thing. In the bathroom, new fixtures or a splurge on a new style of sink could pay off in the future.

Whatever the upgrade, it’s worth taking it on now and getting it finished before you truly unwind into your home – and find yourself just “living with” something that could instead be perfect.