Top Tips to Prevent Burglary

In a recent sitting for Como Park District 10, Crime Prevention Specialist Pam McCreary and Police Commander Paul Lovino spent some time talking about what you can do to minimize your risk ofCrime Preventionburglary:

Top Tips to Prevent Burglary 
  1. Lock your doors and windows, even if you’re home or in the yard.
  2. Don’t leave your garage door open — ever.
  3. Install motion-detector and “dusk to dawn” lighting.
  4. Don’t leave valuables (keys, cash, purses, laptops) next to or near your doors or windows. If you do, they are easy to grab.
  5. Get to know your neighbors. Watch out for each other. “If you don’t know who belongs there, you don’t know who doesn’t belong there,” Iovino says.
  6. If you see something suspicious and wonder if you should call the police — call. “Don’t ever think ‘I don’t want to bother the police’,” McCreary says. “Bother them. That’s their job.”
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