The Importance of Photography: Before and After

We talk a lot about great photography at the Korby Home Team, and with good reason. Your home deserves photos that captivate the viewer and make them want to see more. We believe so strongly in the importance of outstanding photos that we provide professional photography services to every client, on every listing.

But rather than talk about it, we want to show you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the ones below should tell quite a story.

First, a listing from spring of 2017

The sellers had tried unsuccessfully to sell their home previously. For that listing, their realtor used a cell phone to take a few snapshots. The listing expired with no offers. When we took this listing, we sent out our staging consultant and professional photographer. Our team made this home shine, and there were multiple offers within 3 days on the market.

Check out the previous agent’s photos on the left with our photography on the right:


Our second example is a listing from fall 2017

Again, here’s a home that was previously listed, but received no offers and had little interest while on the market. Compare the impact of the before photos on the left with our photos on the right:


An offer on this home was received, and the client closed in only a few months.

Our team believes in hiring the best person for the job, and photography is no exception. Having the right lighting, angles, and equipment is critical for exceptional photos. We don’t settle for shoddy, awkward snapshots for your listing. You shouldn’t, either!

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