Success Story in December

Often times, a seller is not ready the day we go out to the property for the appointment.  Our stager needs to come out and see the home, de-cluttering and painting typically need to be done – it can sometimes take a month or so to get ready.  WeSelling a home before the MLS would always prefer to put the hard work in on the front end so that the home shows in the best light.  When we list a home that has a target date out, we do something that is known as a “MLS Whithhold”, meaning that we can start to network and promote the property – it just will not be on the general market through the MLS.  If you have ever watched Million Dollar Listing, they would call it a “Pocket Listing.”

This was the case with a home we listed in Nov. and the plan was to most likely go on in 2015.  Through word of mouth (her son talking with an agent) we received a purchase agreement within a few weeks of the property being withheld from the MLS, closing in 30 days.  Think of all the headaches of showing the home, and keeping it in pristine condition for the showings that was avoided.    This is the 3rd property we were able to sell this year before putting it on the MLS.

Buyers always seem to be intrigued with something that no one else knows about in the market, especially if they have lost out on multiple offers in the past.  We love having this option for sellers as it can really help prevent a lot of the challenges when living in a home and trying to make it showcase for every showing.  Right now we have several homes ready to sell in 2015 if you are looking or if you would like to explore more about your MLS withhold options for selling your home, just let us know.  651-203-1848 or [email protected]

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