SOLD Before the MLS

Did you know that who you know in Real Estate is just as important as what you know?  Networking in Real Estate has always been there and always will be.  Any successful agent or team will Pre-MLS Korby Home Teamknow about homes before the rest of the general public through the MLS.  For example, as of today (3/23/16) our team currently has 15 listings withheld from the MLS (meaning the listings are under contract, but not on the MLS yet) that will be coming to market over the next several weeks.  The reason why homes are withheld from the MLS are plenty – home is not ready, seller is working on repairs, staging is not complete or even the seller wants to sell at a different time of the year.  The key is to know who these agents are in the marketplace and network with them about their upcoming inventory.

Any property we list, we always send out an eBlast to our office database of 100+ agents to make sure they know about what we have coming.  Just recently, we listed a townhome in Vadnais Heights and the seller was planning on waiting until their renter’s lease was up to sell.  However, an agent in our office saw what we had and new it would be a perfect fit for her client.  Our client and renter were open to an early showing and just like that the property was sold.

Buyer was able to get into a home before the rest everyone else knew about it and the seller was able to sell it sooner than they anticipated without creating a whole lot of hassle for their renter.  In this scenario, it was a win/win.  With the buyer market being so competitive right now, agents need to think outside the box on how to get their clients into homes.

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