Secure Your Home when Listed

September is Realtor safety month and last week I had the pleasure of taking a class at St. Paul Area Association of Realtors (SPAAR) learning about how to keep clients and agents safe.  One of the burglarnewest trends that was shared in the class was the prevalence of prescription drugs and other valuables being stolen from the property.  The presenter (an ex-police officer) talked about ways to “Harden the Target”, the targeting being either the home or individual.  Hardening the target is way to make the property less appealing to criminals and reducing the probability of them wanting to pursue the target.  His suggestion was to have a safety deposit box, a go bag (that has those items in it that you take anytime you need to leave the home), or even a large/heavy safe.

He also said that the majority of criminals he interviewed would always go to the master bedroom first looking for valuables.  They often would not spend anytime looking through kids/other rooms in the home.  After any showing/open house be sure to re-check all windows and doors to make sure none are left intentionally unlocked or open.  In interviews from that the presenter had conducted, he said that criminals are looking for easy targets – following some preventative measures can help make you and your home a hard target.

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