How does the POLAR VORTEX Help Sellers?

It was about this time last year when I recall looking at the Community Bank Sign across the street from our office and seeing -20 when the temperature would scroll by.   Brrrr….It was frosty out.  Cold Weather Real EstateOver the past few days we have seen some pretty cool days roll through the Twin Cities.  With frigid temperatures out, you would think that anything regarding having to leave your home or car would be unthinkable.  Not when it came to housing…  Our team held a couple opens one of the first weekends of January 2014, with similar temps and we were slammed with traffic.  Groups after groups of BUYERS would be coming through the doors of the opens saying nothing else was open, or they drove by and no one was there hosting.  With being one of only a few homes actually held open, we were able to get more eyes on our listings and helping the seller get more exposure.

Right after the Holidays, buyers seem to become a little more serious – no more fruitcake or driving out Grandma’s house for Christmas.  If they are braving the elements of sub-zero temps, guess what – they are really motivated.  We all love to work in beautiful sunny days of Summer or cool crisp days of Fall, but now is when we can capitalize on low inventory and motivated buyers.  We will be out again this weekend hosting opens (if it does not sell before the open) and making sure that if a buyer that is just getting started in the process sees our listings.

If you or anyone you know is thinking about buying or selling in 2015, please contact us directly as we would love to help.  [email protected] or 651-203-1848.  Stay Warm!!!

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