Overcome the Fear of Selling

In a recent post that was sent out from Dave Ramsey’s Real Estate minute the headlining topic was “How to Overcome the Fear of Selling Your Home.”  If you would have asked me a few years back what I thought about this, I would have shrugged my shoulders and said suck it up and get to work.  However, with our family of 6 just recently selling (4 under the age of 7 at the time), that No-Fearfear can be very real.  Thinking about all the stuff you have accumulated over the years, the repairs that you have lived with, but know should be fixed and the idea of keeping the home showing ready is enough to make your head spin.  The guiding light during all of this was having a plan.  I have personally been involved with helping clients buy/sell 700+ homes over the past 9 years of my Real Estate career so I kind of knew what to expect from the process side of things, just not the emotional side.

Our plan, as with all our sellers is to have our professional stager come out to the property before it is on the market and provide a room by room analysis of suggestions of what should be done.  This was super helpful to have a plan in hand.  My wife at one point, switched the ceiling fan blades from the rainbow color in the kids rooms to the white side, just to feel like we were making progress on the list 🙂  – by the way, our breakdown was over 5+ pages so we had our work cut out for us.  We filled up a storage unit to the brim and updated our kitchen and bathroom.  All these things take time, especially when having work hired out.

Secondly, have a target date in mind.  You have to goal of when to have this done by or there will be a tendency to procrastinate.  Getting a home ready for the market requires work or hiring out the work and the more time you have during the preparation process, the longer more drawn out it will be.  When discussing when we would have the home ready for the market, Shawn said 1 month – and I have to admit, that was a big driving force in getting the work done.

I am very happy to say that with the right preparation and marketing, we were able to sell our home in 3 days with 3 showings for full price.  The work on the front end was 100% the results on the back end.

If you would like to read the full Dave Ramsey article, click here for the link.

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