Moving Tips: People to Notify of Your Move

It’s easy to forget little details when caught up in the chaos of moving. Especially when you’re both buying and selling, there’s so much to keep track of! So allow us to provide a brief checklist of people who moving-boxesshould know you’re moving.

Family and friends

This one seems obvious, but so often there’s at least one friend or family member who slips through the cracks. Sit down and review your mailing and phone lists. Did they get a Christmas card – or did you get one from them? Do you call them at least a few times a year? Brainstorm all these people and make sure you get in touch with them before you move.


Again, an obvious entry on the list, but make sure both your employer and your payroll company, if they’re separate entities, know your new address. This goes for previous employers within the last year, too. Remember, you still need to receive your tax documents!

Postal service

Forwarding your mail has always been as easy as filling out a form, but the internet has made it even easier. Mail forwarding can be set up in just a few minutes at (Note: Setting up mail forwarding online costs $1. The charge is assessed to a credit card, to verify identity.)

Utility companies

To prevent charges above and beyond what your household has used – and to prevent overdue bills – be sure to set up your utility deactivation and activation wisely. Electricity, water, internet, waste collection, and telephone are just a few of the companies you may need to contact.

Government agencies

Remember to update your address with the DMV, social security office, the IRS, and other relevant offices. Depending on where you’re moving to, you may have only a week or two to update your driver’s license before you’re out of compliance. And remember to register to vote in your new location, if you’ve moved to a new area!

Sell your home

Insurance companies

Life, health, homeowners, and auto insurance are all services that will need your updated information. You could miss out on important service announcements or bills, or even experience lapses in service if these companies can’t reach you in a timely manner.

Financial institutions

Any bank or institution where you have an account should be updated. This includes credit cards and retirement accounts, in addition to your checking and savings accounts.

Subscription services

If you receive mail from them – and want to continue receiving mail from them! – they warrant a call or an email updating them of your new address. This might include magazines, newspapers, or regular deliveries of goods or services.

Are there any we’ve forgotten? Let us know in the comments below!

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