Man Cave Garages

I had always thought a “Man Cave” was a basement tricked out with 65″ plasma flat screen TVs, pool tables and recliners perfect for the big game.  Not until recently when we had moved, had I noticed a trend – as I would walk by homes in our neighborhood either going for an evening run or bringing the kids up to the park, I noticed the familiar glow of flat screen TVs mounted on the wall, playing the game.  I have seen a few over the years, but when simply typing in a google search on Man Cave Garages I was amazed with what I saw:

It seems like more and more we are looking for expandable areas to add living space to our homes these days.  We see extensive outdoor spaces, bonus rooms and more on the MLS everyday.  To build your own space make sure you start with a plan.  I have personally found a ton of info online when looking at building shelving, locker systems and more.  There are a lot of people out there that are happy to share the “How To” process for any project, you just have to look for it.

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