List your home in winter for spring rewards!

naaidpplxwk-sergee-beeSpring is a time of renewal and growth, and for many people, it’s a time of home buying and selling. There are plenty of reasons to sell in the spring – pleasant weather for cleaning up and clearing out, warmer temperatures for packing moving vans, and we all seem to have a little more energy after we’ve thawed out. So it’s no wonder that many sellers bide their time during the winter, waiting for spring.

But do you know who else is thinking these things? Other sellers!

Spring is often one of the busiest times to sell, and this means that your home is competing for attention. Instead of being one of a few homes for sale in your neighborhood, you may be competing with dozens of other homes. When homes compete for buyers, prices tend to drop, and you may no longer be able to get the price you were seeking. Listing your home in winter instead may be a great option.

“Who wants to move during a Minnesota winter?”

Well, not many people. But here’s the secret: When your home goes on the market, it takes time. Even if a home finds the perfect buyer during its very first showing, the inspection and title processes can take weeks. It’s not uncommon for an offer to be made a month or more before closing is complete!

moving-van-640This means that homes listed in January will likely receive offers in January or February, and be ready for closing in March or April. By the time you and your buyers are loading up the moving vans, spring has sprung!

While the thought of spring may have you planning on a move, consider listing your home in winter instead. You’ll feature highly in your area, with less competition on the market, and the process will be well underway when spring finally arrives.



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