Happy Thanks Giving!

The Korby Home Team wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving and nothing but the best.  Thanksgiving is such a great time of year as it gives us all a chance to slow down from the day to day activities of life and remember what we are all thankful for.  We all feel very blessed to be in the business of helping others and consider it a great honor to help families have homes to celebrate their traditions in.

One of my favorite traditions is the day after Thanksgiving…Not going shopping with the mob, but shopping for our families Christmas Tree at a local tree farm.  For the past few years we all bundle up, walk the tree farm and cut down our very own Christmas tree and then bring it home to decorate.  My kids love it and we get the opportunity to create memories that will last.

We wish you nothing but the best with you and your family – Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you,

Travis Olson, Team Manager of Korby Home Team

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