Gardening on a Smaller Scale

Living in the city has some definite advantages. It often reduces commute times and brings us closer to shopping and entertainment options. But land is often at a premium in the city, which means our yards take a hit. The typical St. Paul city lot is less than half the size of a lot in the outer suburbs. For those who want to enjoy gardening, it can seem impossible.

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of options for gardening on a smaller scale, and thanks to the internet, tips and tutorials are readily available!

Vertical Gardening

When dealing with limited space, finding a way to expand up can create new possibilities. This vertical construction can take many forms, from a wall hanging to a ladder-style planter to a smartly-tiered staircase effect. In some models, the tiers overlap and allow growing space in the tier below, while in others, the stair-step style adds height.

Tiered garden from Decor and the Dog
Stacked crates from Little Green Dot
Pallet vertical garden from Design Sponge
Tiered ladder from Ana White

Container Gardens

Containers can be used indoors and out, but for city dwellers, it’s nice to find a small option that can work in either location! Herbs are a great starting point, as they’re easy to grow and can be used in a wide variety of recipes, making them a fulfilling addition to the kitchen.

Mason jar herb garden from Camille Styles
Vertical buckets from Making Lemonade
Inverted tomato planters from Bonzai Aphrodite

Mobile Gardening

For the best of both worlds, a mobile garden can be an appealing option. It allows the ability to start plants indoors, when weather is still too cold, then relocate them out into the sunshine. This also provides the option of moving your garden out of the way during get-togethers, when you may need to reclaim that deck space.

Wheelbarrow from Ewa in the Garden
Metal cart from SF Girl by Bay
Raised garden bed on casters from Instructables

Sell your home

Whatever your current living situation – be it house, condo, or otherwise – there’s a way to bring a bit of green into your life. Explore these options and find the one that works best for you!

Not sure what to grow? Check out this link at Greatist for ideas.

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