Fall Planting for Spring Flowers

While many of our favorite flowers and shrubs are best planted in spring, after the coldest days of winter are past, there are some plants that thrive with a fall planting.

Planting Bulbs

Some bulbs will bloom year after year, so long as they’re cared for after blooming. Flowers like daffodils and crocus don’t need to be replanted and will come back the following year. Tulips, which are also popular, tend to be devoured by wildlife and need to be replanted for reliable growth each year.

Planting a variety of bulbs can create a continuous blooming schedule in the spring. Daffodils, crocuses, and tulips bloom at slightly different times and will provide six weeks of color in the spring.

For detailed planting information, including charts on the best depth to plant your different bulbs, check out this guide at the University of Minnesota Extension.

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