Declutter and DONATE!

New year, new you!

That’s how many of us feel, anyway. The new year provides an opportunity to kick off new ideas, projects, and initiatives. After a rush of holiday entertaining and gifting, what better time of year to clean and declutter?

Along with decluttering comes the possibility of donating those gently-used goods that you don’t need any longer. Whether it’s clothing, kitchen goods, small electronics, or any variety of things, there may be an organization out there who can give a new life to those items.

donation-box-1Donate, don’t waste

Here in the Twin Cities, we love working with This non-profit maintains a searchable database of charities and their needs. Have extra clothing? You can search for who needs it most. Want to find a place to send your old books? The database will let you know who’s looking for books.

Being able to clear out the closets and move out goods is a gift in itself, but knowing that you’ve contributed something to the lives of others is priceless. This year, think of donations before you think of the garbage bin.

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