Creating Potential With Home Staging

The “Eyes” Have It 

When it comes to generating interest in a property, it’s all about appearances. The visual impact of a home – inside and out – is what first grabs potential buyers and creates the impulse to learn more. While appearance alone won’t sell a house, it’s how a transaction begins.

Consider which of these would grab your attention first: a text description of a home with all amenities listed in orderly columns, or that same home photographed beautifully, to visually display those same amenities?

For the Korby Home Team, it’s a no-brainer to hire a professional photographer for all of our listings. With years of experience in capturing just the right lighting and angles, they’re the ones best equipped to show off a house as it deserves to be seen. A great photographer can make even an imperfect home seem to sparkle.

But what if you could add that sparkle not only to the photographs, but to the experience of seeing the home itself? 

Enter: the Professional Stager 

Our homes have been lived in, customized to our daily needs and outfitted with our personal desires. It can be hard, then, when home sellers need to take themselves out of this environment and remove the personalities they’ve worked so hard to instill in the home.

For this reason, the Korby Home Team retains a professional stager. Every client of ours meets with our stager for a consultation, during which time she can offer feedback on the home. Everything from styling choices to minor repairs is fair game for our stager as she goes through the property with an educated and critical eye. She seeks to return the home to a more neutral property, somewhere potential buyers can see themselves living. Sometimes, this is with small tweaks like cleaning, painting, and rearranging furniture. Other times, it’s a more comprehensive approach, with the stager placing different furniture – on lease – into the home.

This process can be difficult for home sellers, for good reason. Imagine how it could feel like a slight when a staging consultant tells us that the color of our baby’s room needs to be changed, or that the first couch we bought as a married couple should be replaced for showings. But it’s important to bear in mind that these personal choices are just that – personal. They’re hallmarks of the past we’ve spent in our homes, and when we’re deciding to sell a property, we want other people to see their future in that same home.

Sell your home 

The Impact of Staging 

Ramsey home soldThe results of the staging process are striking and immediate, and when this process is complete, many sellers find themselves asking “Why didn’t we do this for ourselves?” The fresh, neutral slate left in the wake of this clean-up leaves them with new ideas – which is exactly what we want!

Professional staging is the second part of our “dynamic duo” of marketing a home, and it goes hand-in-hand with professional photography. In our years of experience in buying and selling, we’ve found it makes a huge difference.

The best part? The staging consultation is free to our clients. We feel that showcasing a home as it deserves to be seen is part of the cost of doing business, so the only result our clients see from the professional staging and photography is the result of a home sold faster and for a higher price. Only in the event of furniture leasing will there be a for-fee arrangement, but this is all with the approval and agreement of the home seller.

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