Closing Day – What to Expect.

The BIG day has finally arrived – the truck is all packed, the movers are ready and the pizzas have been ordered – Its MOVING DAY!  There is nothing better than capping off a smooth sale than a Moving Daystress free closing.  Here are a few of the common questions we get from our clients when closing day approaches.

When will the final walk-through be?  The final walk-through is typically done either the day before closing or the day of closing (before the closing time).  The final walk-through is used to make sure all personal property has been removed from the home, any items that needed to be repaired have been completed and that the home has been left in good standing condition.

How clean should we get the home?  We always recommend that you do your best to leave it the way you would want it to look as if you were moving in.  Pay it forward and help create that exciting fun experience for the buyer of moving into their new home.  If the home is not very clean come final walk-through, the buyer may request it be cleaned or ask for a credit prior to closing.

How long will closing take?  Closings are usually scheduled for about an hour.  A lot of the time it takes at the closing table is dependent upon how much small talk happens between buyer and seller and if the funds have been previously wired to the title company.  When speaking with other agents across the country, MN is one of the only states in which buyer and seller close in the same room – must be the MN nice.

When will we receive our proceeds?  Disbursement of proceeds is often done in one of two ways – either a check issued at the closing table, or a wire to your bank account (which is coordinated with title prior to closing).

Closing day is a special day for both buyers and sellers and can be filled with the emotions of either buying your first home or selling the family home – the more prepared we can all be for the closing the better.

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