1200 Sandwiches!

On Saturday, the Korby Home Team had the opportunity to rally our families, friends, and clients and do some good in our community! We assembled to make 1200 sandwiches for the 363 Days Food Program. This program, founded and run by Allan Law, provides food to the homeless and needy in our community every single night. From   Enabled by the... (more)

Another Look at Staging

We’ve taken a look at how our staging professional can improve the existing furnishings and decor of a lived-in home (see: our piece on photography), but what about a vacant home? Some may have the idea that an empty home is a blank slate. After all, those empty rooms could allow potential buyers to imagine filling the space with their own things, right? Not... (more)

Fall in Love With Your Home Again!

As we settle into our homes and the weeks – and, eventually, years – pass by, our homes become comfortable. Lived-in. They become an extension of our lives and families. But as time passes, some of that excitement of this great new home can slip away. Try some of these tips to rekindle the love you had the first day you moved in! • Rearrange the furniture. You... (more)

Today is RED Day 2017!

Each year on the second Thursday in May, Keller Williams Realty celebrates RED Day. Founded in 2009, RED Day – which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate – is our annual day of service and charity. It’s an opportunity for us to give back to the communities in which we live and work, fostering a spirit of togetherness and fellowship. Throughout the day,... (more)

Keeping Chickens in the City

In these blogs, we talk a lot about the compromises one makes when choosing urban vs. rural life. But in many cities today, one compromise that doesn’t need to be made is keeping chickens. It’s true! An increasing number of cities are allowing backyard chicken-keeping, and both Minneapolis and St. Paul are among them. Cities allowing chickens have strict ordinances... (more)

Simplify and declutter this spring!

Spring cleaning is a yearly ritual for many people, and decluttering is often goal number one. Unless you’ve specifically dedicated some time to regularly clearing out your home, chances are good that you’re in the same situation! If you need help finding a place to start, try out these tips: Start with 5 minutes. Tidying and decluttering feels like a daunting... (more)

Planting with a Purpose

If you’ve followed the news in the past decade, even at a passing glance, you’ve likely heard talk about pollinators. Specifically: the disappearance of millions of insects that, along with birds, help to pollinate the plants and trees that provide food for us all. There simply aren’t as many pollinators around as there once were, and scientists are racing to... (more)

A Look Back at 2016 - Como Park homes SOLD

With Como Park inventory being as low as it is, homes that hit the market are getting offers almost immediately upon listing – often multiple offers! So we thought we would take a look back at some of the great homes we’ve sold in the neighborhood in the past year. 1428 Breda Avenue 1390 Arona Street 1247 Avon Street 1154 Hoyt Avenue Interested in selling... (more)

Creating Potential With Home Staging

When it comes to generating interest in a property, it’s all about appearances. The visual impact of a home – inside and out – is what first grabs potential buyers and creates the impulse to learn more. While appearance alone won’t sell a house, it’s how a transaction begins. Consider which of these would grab your attention first:... (more)

List your home in winter for spring rewards!

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, and for many people, it’s a time of home buying and selling. There are plenty of reasons to sell in the spring – pleasant weather for cleaning up and clearing out, warmer temperatures for packing moving vans, and we all seem to have a little more energy after we’ve thawed out. So it’s no wonder that many sellers bide their... (more)

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