Declutter and DONATE!

That’s how many of us feel, anyway. The new year provides an opportunity to kick off new ideas, projects, and initiatives. After a rush of holiday entertaining and gifting, what better time of year to clean and declutter? Along with decluttering comes the possibility of donating those gently-used goods that you don’t need any longer. Whether it’s clothing, kitchen... (more)

Fall Planting for Spring Flowers

While many of our favorite flowers and shrubs are best planted in spring, after the coldest days of winter are past, there are some plants that thrive with a fall planting. Some bulbs will bloom year after year, so long as they’re cared for after blooming. Flowers like daffodils and crocus don’t need to be replanted and will come back the following year. Tulips,... (more)

Fall in Love With Your Home Again!

As we settle into our homes and the weeks – and, eventually, years – pass by, our homes become comfortable. Lived-in. They become an extension of our lives and families. But as time passes, some of that excitement of this great new home can slip away. Try some of these tips to rekindle the love you had the first day you moved in! • Rearrange the furniture. You... (more)

Keeping Chickens in the City

In these blogs, we talk a lot about the compromises one makes when choosing urban vs. rural life. But in many cities today, one compromise that doesn’t need to be made is keeping chickens. It’s true! An increasing number of cities are allowing backyard chicken-keeping, and both Minneapolis and St. Paul are among them. Cities allowing chickens have strict ordinances... (more)

Simplify and declutter this spring!

Spring cleaning is a yearly ritual for many people, and decluttering is often goal number one. Unless you’ve specifically dedicated some time to regularly clearing out your home, chances are good that you’re in the same situation! If you need help finding a place to start, try out these tips: Start with 5 minutes. Tidying and decluttering feels like a daunting... (more)

Gardening on a Smaller Scale

Living in the city has some definite advantages. It often reduces commute times and brings us closer to shopping and entertainment options. But land is often at a premium in the city, which means our yards take a hit. The typical St. Paul city lot is less than half the size of a lot in the outer suburbs. For those who want to enjoy gardening, it can seem impossible. Fortunately,... (more)

Planting with a Purpose

If you’ve followed the news in the past decade, even at a passing glance, you’ve likely heard talk about pollinators. Specifically: the disappearance of millions of insects that, along with birds, help to pollinate the plants and trees that provide food for us all. There simply aren’t as many pollinators around as there once were, and scientists are racing to... (more)

Winter in Como Park

Most locals are familiar with the many things Como Park has to offer during warmer months. From the miles of walking paths and outdoor eateries to the Como Park Zoo, it’s easy to think of things to do on a sunny summer day in the neighborhood. When winter hits, it can be tempting to lock ourselves away at home and overlook all the great activities that deserve... (more)

The Smart Home

The Smart Home It is now easier than ever to control virtually everything in a home with the simple click of a button or smart phone app. What was once only science fiction has become reality. Not only can smart gadgets make homes more convenient and efficient, they also have the potential to increase home values and make them more attractive to buyers. Here... (more)

Como Park Pre-MLS - Coming SOON! 820 Wheelock

Como Park Listing coming very soon to the MLS! The Como Park Real Estate market is HOT and you may want to see this before the rest of the MLS knows about it! Como Park pre-mls gem 2BR | 2BA | 2 Car Garage $279,900 This charming home is a true gem of Como Park! Featuring a beautiful view of Como Lake, this cottage style home will be on the market soon. This... (more)

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