SOLD Before the MLS

Did you know that who you know in Real Estate is just as important as what you know?  Networking in Real Estate has always been there and always will be.  Any successful agent or team will know about homes before the rest of the general public through the MLS.  For example, as of today (3/23/16) our team currently has 15 listings withheld from the MLS (meaning... (more)

Maximize Your Return on Investment

Often times we are asked what kind of a return will we get on our investment when updating a home.  The return is often subject to the price point of the home, location and quality of craftsmanship.  Having uncle Ed show up and slap together a “New Kitchen” is going to be less appealing to a buyer than bringing in a pro.  I did a quick search in Google to see... (more)

The Science Behind Selling

I happened to come across and article last year released by titled “The Sneaky Science of Selling Your Home Revealed!”  Instantly I was intrigued.  The article did not disappoint (click here if you would like to read the full article).   Through out the article, there are several points that tie into the psychology of selling a home.  A few key points... (more)

3 Steps to Make Sure You Are Ready for BUYING in the 2016 Spring Market?

Over the past few weeks we have been seeing early indicators of another amazing Spring Market.  Multiple offers are happening what seems to be almost daily, homes are selling in less than a day on the market or even before they hit the MLS.  Here are 3 steps to help ensure you get the home of your dreams when you see it. Make Sure You are Pre-Approved.  This... (more)

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